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Carly Michelle Photography is an award winning Wedding and Editorial Photographer based in Boston Massachusetts. Boston Wedding Photographer Carly Michelle offers couples living in Boston, MA area, East Coast, California, Texas, South Carolina, Florida and Mid West a state of the art experience in terms of wedding photography.

Carly Michelle Photography focuses on serving the Boston Wedding market and is also a destination and East Coast wedding photographer. Carly Michelle Photography is rated top Boston Wedding Photographer by The Knot four years running.

When searching for your Boston wedding photographer or Wedding photographer in Maine, Cape Cod, Nantucket and New York here are some key points that Carly Michelle Photography believes every newly engaged couple should consider when looking for the best Wedding Photographer in Boston.

When finding your Wedding photographer in Boston or wedding photographer in Maine, Cape Cod, Nantucket, New York, California, Arizona, Florida and South Carolina you are choosing more than just a photographer for your wedding day. You are hiring an individual who will spend the majority of your entire day with you photographing your wedding, spending time with your friends and your family, and capturing every moment that is important to you. A wedding photographer's personality can often set the tone for your entire day, how you as a couple interact, how your bridal parts responds, and in some cases how the stress level of the wedding day is controlled. Surrounding yourself with individuals and vendors whom you love is key to experiencing an amazing wedding day.


When going through photographs from other Boston wedding photographers you should be directly comparing their wedding photography style. Again, are you selecting a wedding photographer based on pricing? Do you love the style in which they photograph? Wedding Photography style differs greatly between every photographer. Most people would not go shopping for home decor to place the most unattractive decorations in their home just because it fit into their budget. You should invest wisely and feel a personal attachment to the stylistic approach your photographer has. At the end of the day, your Boston wedding photographer should be providing you with wedding photography and artwork that you love and want to show off and showcase in your home. Wedding photography style and the personality of your Boston Wedding Photographer should trump price.


While price and budgeting is always a factor when selecting your wedding photographer in Boston, there are many other factors that should play into your overall decision. We hear of many couples who wish they would have selected a top of the line Boston Wedding photographer. Whether it's a bridesmaid at a wedding who has seen the wedding photographer that the bride has chosen and can only wish they would have spent a little more to get the best wedding photographer or hearing stories through the grapevine about how much they dislike their wedding photos or don't have any photos to show off as art in their home, it's likely that these couple chose their wedding photographer solely based on price. This is a choice that comes embedded with too much risk and often becomes a mistake in the end that can not be changed. At the end of the day, when the music fades away, the flowers die, and your budget is spent, the ONE thing you will have to remember all of the moments of your wedding day is your wedding photography. Don't compromise on the only wedding photos that you will be left to look at for the rest of your life.

Carly Michelle Photography is a Boston, MA wedding photographer located in the Seaport District of Boston offering a Boston wedding photography experience unlike other comparable Boston wedding photographers in the nearby market. Carly Michelle is also a Maine Wedding photographer, Vermont wedding photographer, California wedding photographer, Arizona Wedding Photographer, South Carolina wedding photographer, Nantucket Wedding Photographer, New York Wedding Photographer and Cape Cod Wedding Photographer. Would you like more information about Carly Michelle Photography as your wedding photographer in the Boston metro area and surrounding Boston suburbs? Please feel free to explore the site for further information. 

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